All-time basketball stars

If you want to take a look at basketball and the greatest legends in it, you don’t have to go far in the past. Unlike many other sports, basketball reached its peak in last 20 or so years, and the greatest stars of this game played just a decade ago.

His Airness Michael Jordan


A genius on the court and a philanthropist in life, Jordan is the best basketball player that stepped on the court. People have forgotten how great this player was and they have started comparing him with some active players. The very act of comparing Jordan with players that still play basketball is outrageous.

Current fans of the basketball stars argue that many of their active idols play better that Jordan, which is preposterous on its own. Yes, some current players are incredibly talented, and they excel at basketball, or to be more precise, at one aspect of the game. Some are good at defense, some are genius playmakers, while others excel at scoring, and Jordan was supreme in all of those aspects.

Some compare his Airness, a nickname people gave to Jordan, with LeBron due to his superior passing ability, but they forget how great Jordan was in passing as well as scoring. When Jordan decided to go for the shot, there wasn’t anyone who could stop him. That isn’t the case with LeBron. And if Jordan wanted to shut down a player, then they wouldn’t get any chance in that game. And we shouldn’t forget another aspect of this legend that inspired other players to play better than they usually do, and that aspect is incredibly strong desire to win every game. That is how good his Airness Michael Jordan was

The immense talent of Magic Johnson


Magic Johnson played in the best and most fruitful era of professional basketball, and he is considered as one of the best players in the world, along with Michael Jordan and several others. He excelled in all types of playing, and not even Jordan was as versatile on the court as Johnson was. When it comes to passing, and overall team play, Johnson was and still is the best player in the world. His rebound skills were also superb, and he had 7.2 rebounds average in his career that lasted 12 seasons.

This basketball icon retired at the age of 32, which was the fairly early age for retirement during the period when he played. Many think that he would surpass Jordan if he just continued playing

Other notable basketball legends

We did mention LeBron James in a bad light in this article, but the truth is that he is a legend like the previous two players. Same can be said about Kobe Bryant and some other players as well. They are there, at the top, and during their successful careers, they made their fans go crazy. Players that are still active have more fans, as they still play and it’s reasonable to assume that their fans consider them as the best in the world. We should just be grateful that we can still watch superb basketball, and not argue who is better.