Best players – Future Legends

This web page is here to showcase some of the best players from three sports, baseball, basketball and football. Other posts will be dedicated to legends from these sports, while this one will mention active players who are on the path of becoming icons of their respective games.

Our view on these players is somewhat objective, and we did our research and found which players are at their best at the time of writing this. We also considered the overall career success of the players and that rounded up our parameters, and at the end, we came up with players we will mention below.

Top baseball stars that still play

Mike Trout (Michael Nelson Trout), also known as The Millville Meteor is the best baseball player in last three years. Two times MPV in last five years and three times runner up. Fans love him as well as viewers that follow baseball over the small screen and many, both legitimate sources and amateurs consider his as the best young player in the history of baseball. One of his best records is being the youngest player in MLB to reach 100 home runs and stolen bases. He plays at the outfielder position.

Bryce Aron Max Harper (Bryce Harper) is a right fielder in Washington Nationals. His first season as a professional player for this team was 2012, and he was immediately selected for All-Star Game. He is one of only eight active “five-tool players” (an individual whose range of skills covers everything from different forms of hitting, throwing, fielding and base running). The future of this star is bright, as many think that he will be the first player who will sign a 400 million dollars contract (when his contract with Nationals expires in 2018).

Football all-stars – Messi and Ronaldo

Even people who don’t follow this sport know about these two players. Lionel Messi is an Argentinian soccer player that plays for Barcelona, A top Spanish club. The number of achievements he gained in this club is very high, and he won the European Golden Shoe (the award for the best player of the season in whole Europe) five times.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Portuguese football star, is the second best active soccer player in the world. He plays for Real Madrid, another Spanish team, which is one of the strongest clubs in the Europe and Spain. There isn’t a football fan that isn’t the supported of either this player or Messi.

Basketball all-stars that we can still enjoy

When it comes to this sport, the best players at this moment are LeBron James and Kevin Durant.Kevin Durant aka The Servant aka The Slim Reaper is a highly versatile player who not only knows how to score but also how to play as a support. He plays the majority of the game, and he delivers during every minute on the court.

Many people don’t see LeBron James as a great player, as his latest games weren’t that great. But you have to remember all of his games, and how he Pulled Miami Heat through some tough matches.