Legends of Baseball

The baseball is a game that produced some quite great legends. A great thing about individuals which became the biggest in this sport is that they weren’t mega-stars, as people see contemporary players. They were regular people that acted like that, and fame didn’t mean that they had to eat only healthy foods and avoid things like smoking and alcohol. Here are several legendary individuals that changed the face of this sport.

Babe Ruth – The best baseball player of all time

This icon from Baltimore, Maryland was a man who went on setting many great records, including the total number of home runs (714), and that record stood on the top until 1974. His breakthrough into major league happened when he had only 19 years. His nickname Babe comes from a joke, as people called him “Dunn’s new babe” (Dun was a monk who signed his first contract as the legal guardian).

Babe Ruth was a man whose career was filled with various records. He spent five seasons in Boston Red Sox where he set a record for the number of home runs in one season (29). But that was nothing compared with his time in New Your Yankees. During his first season in New York (sixth professional season as he spent five years in Boston) he scored 54 home runs, which was record above all records, at that time. But he didn’t stop there; the second season ended with him hitting 59 home runs and thus breaking his record.

In took him just ten seasons to become an all-time home run leader, a feat that is still something incredible.

 Ty Cobb – A legend with bad temper

Ty Cobb, born Tyrus Raymond Cobb in Narrows, Georgia is the first Hall of Fame baseball player. His first step into the professional world of baseball was in 1904 when he signed with Augusta Tourists, a club from the minor league. A year later he signed with Detroit Tigers, and it took him one more year to get over the death of his father and start playing like a legend he would become later.

This baseball icon started breaking records in 1997 with 12 batting titles. He continued that with the “triple crown” in 1909 when he ended at the top in batting average, RBI and the number of home runs. Following years were also successful. In 1921 he took over the position of the manager in the Tigers, and he also played as a player. This lasted until 1926, after which he got accused of fixing matches. The charges were dropped in the following year, after which he went on to play two more seasons for Philadelphia Athletics after which he retired for good.


Other great players had their names in Hall of Fame, and other individuals rose to the top of the baseball world. Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, and Walter Johnson are some of the names that every baseball fan knows. These individuals all deserve more space in our articles, as well as other famous players, and we hope that we will be able to talk about them in the future.