A short introduction to sport in general

We humans always seek new and exciting ways to entertain ourselves. That desire to have fun and explore new things stands behind sports. Exciting games turned into sports, and the arrival of the modern age brought more people closer to all types of sport including the grand trio we like to talk about (football, basketball, and baseball. Those that excelled in these sports gained attention from masses who liked to watch them perform. This turned them into idols and later into legends. We want to share some info about those legends as well as players who are on their way to becoming legends.

About football


People from all around the world play soccer. People from distant countries watch famous stars and their clubs. Fun clubs from all around world cheer from players who play in big clubs. Football brings people together; fans from all around the world join in and chant club names and the names of their greatest stars. The immense popularity of this sport brought happiness to many, both directly and indirectly. Big football stars are celebrities and their influence on the world is extraordinary. They build schools, bring water to drought-stricken areas, and organize the charity to extremely poor towns and villages and so on.


About Basketball

Basketball is a sport that requires high-level of team play and elaborate tactics. The most beautiful basketball matches consist of two highly successful teams that change their style of the game to counter the other team. And the most epic basketball games happened between teams that had legends on their roster. Legendary basketball players exceeded in various aspects of the sport, but they have one thing in common, they all played beautiful and eye-catching basketball. They had the support of their teammates and that allowed them to show what they are capable of.

About Baseball

Baseball lost a lot of audience and media coverage a decade ago, but its slowly returning to the small screens. Times change and the popularity of a sport may go up and down, but the popularity of its all-time stars is eternal. Even during the time when baseball had low quality, many of us remembered old legends like Ty Cobb and Babe Ruth and their achievements. Even now, when we can watch beautiful and exciting baseball, we still talk about those great icons. And in the future, we will also talk about them and about legends that play right now.

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